Excitement is building for Tim, Hannah and Lachy as the realisation that their house build begins in just over one week. Follow their story as they build their first home in the ever growing town of Rolleston on the fringe of Christchurch.

Part 1: The Story Begins

Part 2: The Shipping Containers Arrive

Part 3: The House Starts to Take Shape

Part 4: The Dunns Inspect the Progress

Part 5: The Roof is On!

Part 6: Interior Work Begins

Part 7: Sneak Peek of the New Home

Part 8: The Handover!

Part 9: Catching Up with the Dunns

From the Number 1 Homes’ team, Tim, Hannah and Lachy, it has been a pleasure building your new home and we are grateful to you that you let us follow and document your journey.

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