For most people, one of the most daunting aspects of deciding to build a new home is the sheer volume of things you need to consider at the start.

Things like knowing how and where to go for information; making sure you’ll be getting value for money and of course being able to fully understand complex building contracts etc.

However, rather than just ‘taking over’, we make sure our clients fully understand the entire process before anything starts.

Here’s what we do together to ensure a smooth project from the very start right through to completion.

Our simple, step-by-step process:

Say Hello

Step 1: Say Hello!

Let’s get together for a chat over a coffee to get to know about you and your plans

Funding Assistance

Step 2: Funding Assistance

Look at whether a *KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant might be available for you to maximise your deposit on a new home and/or accessing your KiwiSaver to use for your deposit.

Quality of your section

Step 3: Quality of your section

Make sure you are completely clear about the suitability or geo-technical implications of any land you’re considering building on.

Your section layout

Step 4: Your section layout

Look at how your section layout can take advantage of the sun or avoid problems from wind and shade etc to give you the most comfortable and economical living conditions.

Your Design Options

Step 5: Your Design Options

Help you choose the best design and layout for your situation right now as well as for the future.

** We have a range of architect designs for very affordable homes or we are happy to work with your own designer etc. to create a design especially for you

Your building proposal

Step 6: Your building Proposal

Once we know what’s important to you and of course your budget, we’ll complete a full Building Proposal for you to consider.

This will include floor plans, materials, kitchen and bathroom fittings etc –  and of course a guaranteed build price you can rely on.

Your descision with no pressure from us

Step 7: Your Decision – with no pressure from us

If you are completely happy with our proposal, we can finalise the paperwork and begin the journey towards building your new home

Building consent process

Step 8: Building Consents process

This is where we take responsibility for all the paperwork with council etc, including the initial application for building consent

Colour Schemes

Step 9: Colour Schemes

Now we’ll introduce you to our colour coordinator for you to receive 4 hours of professional advice (value $500.00) to help you design your overall colour scheme.

Work Begins

Step 10: On-Site Work begins

As soon as the Building Consent is issued, work begins!

From then on you can follow progress on your new home using our advanced BuilderTREND on-line software.

Roof on celebration

Step 11: Roof on celebration

As soon as your roof is on, we meet on-site for a quick celebration before the final work takes place.

Your home is ready

Step 12: Your home is ready

Handover-day arrives and we celebrate with you again as we hand over your brand-new home for you to enjoy.

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